zattere per le mamme

...le forze cominciavano a venirmi meno, quando all'improvviso intravidi tra i flutti una zattera ed una mano allungata verso di me...con gli occhi brucianti di salsedine e la bocca piena di acqua riuscii a dire solo uno stentato 'grazie'...

venerdì 19 maggio 2006

Growing pains Occhio Clinico Pediatria 2002; 3: 10
Key WordsGrowth; Pain; Child Psychology
SummaryOne child out of 25 suffers from recurrent limb pain, especially in the legs. Probably, this is the most frequent orthopaedic ailment requiring the intervention of the paediatrician.Before making the diagnosis of growing pains, a precise anamnesis and an accurate objective examination should be carried out. In some cases, laboratory tests and an X-ray could be useful to eliminate remaining doubts. When all exams are negative, the diagnosis can be confirmed, since it is one of exclusion. After having ruled out possible organic causes, it is necessary to consider the psychological component of the symptoms.

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